JT Splatmaster - Paintball For Kids

Splatmaster is the perfect painless introduction to paintball for players ages 7-10 years old (with the exception made for a mom/dad or older sibling etc). Splatmaster guns require no air source to fire, they operate using springs, and travel at half the speed of paintballs guns, 120-140 feet per second as opposed to paintball guns at 300 feet per second.  The paintballs themselves are also smaller and offer less of an impact which allows younger players to enjoy the thrill of paintball.


Splatmaster Ammo is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-staining, and easily washes away with water. Shooting at a velocity of 120-140 feet per second allows players to see the ball in the air before you see the satisfaction of your Splat.


SplatMaster Gun:$5.00
Child Vest:$5.00

Paint Pricing:
50 Paintballs $5.00
100 Paintballs $8.00
200 Paintballs $15.00

Silver Package: 
$15 per child includes: JT SplatMaster Paintball Marker, Full Face Mask and Goggles, Vest, and 50 paintballs. Tax included.


Gold Package:
$20 per child includes JT SplatMaster Paintball Marker, Full Face Mask and Goggles, Vest, and 100 paintballs. Tax included

$200.00 Party includes:

  • Use of party room for 2 hours

  • Admission for up to 10  Players

  • Rental Gear for up to 10 Players, including Gun, Mask, Chest Protector

  • 500 SplatMaster Paintballs

  • Additional players $15/person

  • Add 500 balls for $30 or 1000 balls for $50

  • 2 Pizzas and drinks are available for an additional $50.00

  • $10.00 upgrade to adult guns with 100 paintballs.


*Please allow 15 minutes before your start time to check in


Splatmaster Package Reservation:


A Deposit of $50 per Splatmaster package is required to reserve the party. When making online deposits, please enter your full name and phone number in the note section and bring your confirmation with you. All cancellations must be emailed to info@xpcpaintball.com at least a week before your planned date.  Reservations and Deposits cancelled after that are non-refundable. 

Please note:

  • For weekday reservations, there is a minimum of a $250.00 purchase and a deposit is required. 

  • Coupons and discounts such as Groupon, Living Social, etc will not be accepted for weekday events.

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