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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to play but don’t have any equipment what do I do? 

You can rent all the equipment at the field. Rental packages include: facemask/goggle system, paintball marker, air, and field fee. The cost starts at $30 for the Bronze package and the price goes up from there depending on the number of paintballs you want to start with. All pricing is tax included, and there is a 4% fee for Credit Card purchases.


How much paint will we shoot and how much is it? 

The average person shoots about 500 paintballs per outing. The cost of a bag of 500 is $30.00. If you have 3 or 4 people with you, you can save money by buying the paint by the case. A case has 2000 balls, (4 bags of 500) and it is $80.00, so each bag of 500 costs $20.00.  All pricing is tax included, there are NO hidden costs.


Can we bring our own paint? 

No, we are a field paint only facility and which allows us to ensure the integrity of the paintballs (not damaged, rubber, frozen, etc).  This is a way for us to be able to stay in business, provide excellent and well maintained fields, and also provide staff for you to have a great and safe time playing paintball.


What do you offer compared to other paintball fields? 

We offer nitrogen tanks as well as nitrogen guns. Our paint is premium paint and it will not break in your equipment, it shoots well, and it comes out of your clothing. You can buy a cheaper paint, but if it breaks all the time and doesn’t shoot straight it is a waste of money. Our fields are well maintained and are very player friendly with lots of variety. We have an organized and efficient staff so you really get to PLAY GAMES, instead of standing around hoping to get in a game. You will get more games in at our fields than at any other. We are a very recreational field so you will play with a lot of players at your level.


Is there any way to save money? 

Yes, we frequently offer coupons and specials on our website.  Groups of 10 or more players will receive $5 off any paintball package.


Do I need reservations? 

If you need to rent equipment, reservations are suggested because we have a limited amount of equipment and your reservation will hold equipment for you. We hold the equipment for up to 1/2 hour after your reservation time, if we have not heard from you, we will open it up to someone else.


What if I have my own equipment? 

You can play anytime you want if you have your own equipment, no reservations required. The field fee is $10 and there is a charge for air ($5 for CO2 or $10 for Nitrogen) and the paint.


What if I don’t have a tank or hopper, can I rent one? 

Yes.  We will hold an ID and return it once the equipment is returned


Do we need to bring a lot of people to play? 

No. You can come out by yourself or with a group of people. We run open play so there is always someone to play with.


We don’t want to play with pro players and get shot up! 

95% of the players there will be first time players and have rental equipment also. We also have referees on the field at all times to make sure everyone is playing safe and fair.


Can we pay extra the day we play to play privately? 

Yes, but please consult management to make sure referees and staff are available.


What kind of games do you play? 

We play many styles of games depending on the size of the crowd and the field we are on. The most common are capture the flag and center flag.


How old do you have to be? 

Our minimum age for paintball is 10. If you are under 18 you must have a signed waiver by your parent.


What if it rains? 

We play rain or shine so dress properly. We do watch radar and many weather sites to monitor the weather as forecasts change.

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